tk:aro: The glass you take with you.

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tk:aro, the glass you take with you is another example of the "Less is more" approach. They created a packaging that is clean, and sophisticated by limited use of color and graphics. Here, only crisp photos of the product and clean embossed typography is enough to communicate what the brand and the product is about.


"To match the elegance of the product itself, we kept the design and copy to a minimum – focusing on creating a clean, bright package with hints of luxury (embossed logos on all sides, a foil-stamped message on the front and multi-level embossed photographs on the sides)"

"One package had to be created that could be used for all of the colours tk:aro will soon be offering. An added requirement was the need to showcase custom engraving on the front of the bottle – for example if a company had the lower metal rim of the bottles emblazoned with their logo, it would need to be visible. To address those concerns we added a custom die-cut window to the front of the packaging which reveals the color of the product as well as the engraved logo. We made a conscious decision not to have a larger PVC-covered front window, as the point of the reusable bottle is to eliminate the unnecessary use of plastics. The printed front was instead used to list some of its biggest selling features and to boldly proclaim what the product is: "the glass you take with you."  "

The packaging was printed on FSC-certified paper and the inner tray in which the product sits is molded from pulp which is made of 100% post-consumer fibers and is 100% compostable.

The tk:aro bottle is a reddot design award winner, 2010.


Designed by  Monnet Design

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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