Sossini Sosa's Sauce

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Coba and Associates created the rebranding and packaging for Sossini Sosa's Sauce.


" The Problem :

For quite some time now, the company Biotrend has been one of the leading manufacturers of sauces, dips and spreads. However, their packaging design did not reflect this position nor the quality of the products. The idea to connect the name of the sauces with the tradition and heritage of the Vojvodina region was the groundwork for the new packaging design. Ms. Ljubica, the owner of Biotrend, pondered for a long time over how to introduce such a region-specific product on the market, finally managing to do so by naming the line "Sosini Sosovi" (Sosa's Sauces). Unfortunately, at the time of product launch, another product with the same name showed up on the market which completely disrupted the brand strategy.


The Solution:

Throughout food fairs and trade-shows in Europe there have been fantastic reactions to the packaging design and there has been a update in the communication strategy where the brand has been adapted enough to keep its original spirit, yet be international enough. We have therefore created the character of Miss Sossini, the one "responsible" for the perfect taste of the sauces and dips. Ms. Sossini's character is personified in a young, modern and attractive woman who knows the secret of preparing delicious food. The typography suggests a simple and homey way of preparing sauces while providing a sense of security that the manufacturer "


Designed by Coba&Associates , Serbia













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