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by First name Last name on 02/03/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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"Løv Organic will launch its first boutique outside of Paris in a pop-up installation at the flagship Harvey Nichols store in Knightsbridge on 1st January 2011."


"Discovered and brought to the UK by Global Food Consulting (GFC), the French organic tea brand will be the first to occupy the new ‘Taste Lab’ at Harvey Nichols, an exciting new project spearheaded by GFC that will showcase the latest food trends and brands in the heart of the Fifth Floor Food Market.

In Scandinavia, ‘løv’ means ‘leaf ’. Løv Organic draws its inspiration from this region, where nature is omni- present and inhabitants have long paired modernity with a respect for the environment. With this in mind, Løv Organic has created a range of 22 high quality organic packed whole leaf teas that are both irresistible and environmentally friendly."


"Løv Organic has opted for a minimalist design, steeped in Nordic culture. Adorned with vibrant colours and a stylised bird, a symbol of nature in need of protection, the reusable Løv Organic metal tins encourage consu- mers to adopt an eco-friendly attitude. The muslin teabags are unbleached and free from staples and glue, allowing the tea leaves to unfurl and release all of their natural aromas."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph