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The Natural Confectionery Company

by First name Last name on 02/23/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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"Pearlfisher has created new packaging for The Natural Confectionery Company with a strong, ownable and illustrative world that reflects the brand’s positioning of ‘doing what comes naturally’ and encouraging a childlike and inhibition free curiosity in the world.

The new design is intended to provide consistency and better standout for the UK and Irish markets whilst maintaining relevance across age and providing a platform for growth.

Pearlfisher Creative Director, Natalie Chung, says, “We have taken the playful spirit of the original illustrations to create a more natural yet contemporary style."

"The design system focuses on two new characters for each pack and the mischievous interaction between the dominant and supporting character. The product window is now integrated as part of the dominant character - viewing the product inside pack through the character’s mouth. The white packaging remains as a key signifier of the natural elements of the sweets but we have also introduced a flavoursome and fruity secondary palette.”

The Natural Confectionery Company Senior Brand Manager, Jodie Bates says "The new design reflects the brand values of The Natural Confectionery Company and the new illustrations attract both kids and adults alike. The design highlights the delicious natural qualities of our products whilst also retaining the spirit and humour of the brand. We are really pleased with the new design by Pearlfisher" The new look packaging is rolling out this month."


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph