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Antidote Chocolate

by Tiana Spellman on 11/29/2011 | 1 Minute Read


Antidote Chocolate is a "health through pleasure" line of single origin dark chocolate bars made with raw & roasted cacao.

Each bar is named after a Greek goddess, with one of eight flavor profiles to match. The packaging comes alive with a surrealistic illustrated interpretation of the deity, complete with an anecdote revealing the connection between each bar's goddess and antidote. The bright colors reflect the purity of its ingredients and refined quality of this premium chocolate. The pharmaceutIcal-inspired logo, in the form of a pill package, is carried over to the mold of the chocolate bar, which can be broken into 10 Antidote "pills" for instant gratification.


To celebrate their first birthday Antidote Chocolate has released a heroic line of 100% raw cacao bars called the "heart line". It is a fact that cacao is good for the heart. Leading the vanguard is STRONG AT HEART, absolute cacao scattered with crunchy nibs, and riding valiantly alongside is PASSIONATE AT HEART, also pure cacao, and naturally sweetened with date fruit. Antidote has survived their first year and these two dark chocolates will help you survive all manner of opponents and obstacles as well as add some sizzle to those romance free moments. Each bar is named after an aztek god.

Branding, packaging design and illustration by Red R. Thalhammer,  Tripple Red Corp. NY  

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