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by Gina Angie on 11/15/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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Pams Baking Tubs

"The Pams distinctive new baking tubs are a breath of fresh air for those who love to bake. This well thought through solution does away with various sizes of small cardboard boxes, replacing them with a standardised, resealable and stackable container. By unifying the range, Pams has greater impact on shelf and is easy to find in the busy category.

What is really nice and rings true to the Pams brand personality of  ‘surprise and delight’, is that instead of treating these products as ‘baking basics,’ Brother Design has created four collectable designs, with photography that celebrates the joy of baking, capturing the moment with honesty and elegant simplicity. They also fit well with the homely, nostalgic charm of the entire range of Pams Baking products.

Pams is Foodstuff‘s Private Label Brand, but has now grown to be a preferred brand of choice with its own following. This loyalty is a reflection of the enjoyment shoppers feel when buying items that are good value, high quality, and have appealing design ideas and presentation."Editorial photograph



Pams Canned Milk & Cream Products Range

"Brother Design is the creative team behind the refresh of Pams’ extensive range of supermarket products. Our solution for the Canned Milk and Cream products was to reinvigorate the packs with a contemporary design - aimed at encouraging and exciting a new generation of buyers. These modest pantry ingredients were no longer going to hide at the back of the cupboard!

We decided to celebrate these traditional cooking staples with bold summer colours and expressive typography. Bright, breezy, foodie tones give a hint to the wonderful flavours of curries, savoury dips and baking, possible from such humble beginnings. And although the design keeps to a simple format, it‘s brimming with personality, including fun tips for use on the front of the pack.

In a bland category, these vibrant packs change the rules - and absolutely stay true to the Pams’ personality of  ‘surprise and delight.’"

Editorial photograph



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