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Before & After: Ivory

by Gina Angie on 11/10/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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"Problem: The Ivory soap brand was looking to increase impact at shelf with new consumers without alienating time-tested Ivory enthusiasts. The package refresh needed to emphasize the brand’s attributes of simplicity and cleanliness with an equally clean design.

Solution: The redesign aims to bring new life to P&G’s oldest brand, add a colorful “pop” and reinforce the Ivory brand equity of clean and simple.  According to P&G Design Manager Sidney Fritts, “The new color for the original bar of Ivory is a vivid blue that is both assertive and optimistic. A vibrant color system will also help consumers to clearly identify other fragrances in the product line, including lavender and aloe.”


The bright color provides a backdrop to a photo of the iconic bar of Ivory soap, featured prominently on the packaging. The new logo is an evolution of the Ivory word mark as it existed in the 1950’s, a tribute to the brand’s lengthy heritage. Additionally, the packaging emphasizes the number of bars in each package - more than that of many Ivory competitors – through a clear window at the top to reinforce the brand value.

The new packaging works seamlessly in conjunction with a new print and television ad campaign, helmed by Wieden+Kennedy, to create a truly holistic design vision. The new design promotes Ivory’s classic, clean image to stalwart fans while providing a new vibrancy to consumers still exploring the soap aisle for a favorite brand."

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