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Red Hook

by Gina Angie on 10/24/2011 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

"Today’s shopping experience in the beer aisle is met with a barrage of choices from mainstream to premium craft beer. Hornall Anderson’s long-time client, Redhook Brewery recognized the purchasing experience as having become far from simple and straightforward, with options ranging from domestic to premium craft. Redhook partnered with us to help them return to their craft roots to engage new and past consumers, while improving navigation of the beer aisle and challenging competition in the craft beer industry. We implemented a creative strategy that speaks directly to the consumer, playing up Redhook’s personality and distinct voice to help guide and simplify the consumer decision-making experience. This included the implementation of flavor descriptions and a beer-ometer mechanism – a simple and clever beer icon flavor indicator on-package. Designed to launch in alignment with Redhook’s 30-year anniversary, this clean, color-coded and easily identifiable packaging system not only stands out from the competition on-shelf, but also provides clear branded messaging that redefines customer expectations. "

Designed by Hornall Anderson

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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