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Hand in Hand Soap

by Yael Miller on 10/19/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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I just came across this wonderful soap company called Hand in Hand while going through my back-issues of Daily Candy. (I can never seem to find the time to read them daily anymore, but there are usually cool new things to discover there.) Hand in Hand's message and mission is great and their packaging is sweet and appealing. They only have one product so far, but I hope they come out with more.

More on the company and its packaging design after the jump.

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The company was founded by "Bill and Courtney" (I didn't get any last names) in Vermont.

A little bit about their mission: ""The goal was to come up with a household product people use every day, that had the power to save lives.  After 3 years of brainstorming, we came across an article reporting that each year over 5 million people die of diseases caused by poor water quality and lack of proper hygiene.  After further research, we discovered that half of those deaths could be prevented with just a single bar of soap.  It was at that moment that Hand in Hand was conceived" explained Courtney. 

They realized hand washing alone can prevent 45% of water-related deaths alone. The company's "Buy a Bar, Give a Bar" model gives one bar of soap to developing countries through exisiting non-profit organizations in those regional areas. Here's what happens when you buy a bar:

  1. For every bar purchased, they will donate a bar to help save a child's life.
  2. By purchasing a Fair Trade Certified bar of soap, you are helping to improve the lives of the workers and communities who farm the raw materials to develop Hand in Hand Soap.
  3. 50 square feet of rainforest is saved for every bar of soap sold.


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A word about the packaging design: I can't say the design is award-worthy or remarkable really, but it's certainly appealing. The colors are fresh, with styling that is decidedly feminine. The bottom line is that I don't think the packaging will hold them back (it's at least tasteful). It could have been taken further (quite a bit further) and this is something that would have likely had a direct and strong impact on their popularity/sales of the product (which may be strong in any case - I didn't ask for comment from the company). Please share your thoughts on the design - for or against - and if you believe it will sell based on its packaging design.

Art directed & designed by Joy Deangdeelert Cho of Oh Joy

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