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Before & After: Kallo

by Gina Angie on 10/17/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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Kallo is launching a packaging re-design across the entire product range. The new packaging has a cleaner look which creates an emphasis on the nutritional values of the product. The packaging's energy now appears to be coming from the actual product instead of a lively illustration.

"Pearlfisher has created an exciting new brand identity and redesign for leading natural and organic food company Kallo across its full product range including its Kallo Rice Cakes, Kallo Organic Stocks and Gravies, and new Kallo Organic Soya Drinks. The packaging is designed to complement Kallo’s new brand positioning: Thought for food, highlighting that Kallo is THE natural food brand for people who think about what they eat. It also brings all products under the Kallo umbrella and creates consistency across the range.

Based on a number of key principles that accurately reflect the Kallo brand – including bold, warm, vital, rich and sophisticated – the new packaging stands out from competitors by taking a deliberately uncluttered and understated approach. Using sleek, clear lines and stylish interpretations of each of the products, the nutritional information is displayed clearly on the front of all packs, making it quick and easy for people to appreciate that Kallo foods are nutritious, wholesome and healthy.

Commenting on the redesign, Patrick Cairns, CEO at Kallo says:

“Packaging is so critical today and consumers are more demanding than ever about how products look. The new designs will make Kallo stand out from the crowd on supermarket shelves, as well as giving customers stylish products they will be proud to display in their kitchens.”

“The new packaging perfectly complements Kallo’s championing of mindful eating. By clearly presenting the nutritional value of each of our products, we make it easier for people to think about their food, helping them to eat smarter, and feel happier and healthier.”

Sarah Butler, Deputy Creative Director, Pearlfisher, says:

“Kallo is a warm, intelligent and caring brand, which is also bold and innovative and we wanted to reflect this in our designs. The calm, clear and uncluttered packaging is so different that it will stop people in their tracks, encouraging them to think carefully about their food choices and to consider Kallo.”

The new packaging will be rolled out across the full Kallo range, starting with the newly launched Kallo Organic Soya Drinks which have arrived in stores from September 2011."

Designed by PearlfisherDeputy Creative Director: Sarah Butler, Pearlfisher Creative Partner: Jonathan Ford


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

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