Student Spotlight: Fr. Anzia

by First name Last name on 01/06/2011 | 1 Minute Read

"Friar Anzia's Boxed Wine was inspired by a repackaging assignment by Jennifer Cole Phillips.  Students were asked to redesign packaging for any product of our choosing.  I chose to repackage Franzia Boxed Wine and rename it Fr. Anzia's.  The idea behind it was to revitalize the integrity of the Franzia name, while keeping the actual letters of "Franzia".  I underwent the process of redesigning their logo and the typical cardboard packaging of boxed wine.  The logo amalgamates a traditional monastery shield and a trendy sans serif typeface.  I recycled traditional wine crates to create the actual box.  The final product seeks to marry the aesthetically pleasing visual of the mixed matched wine crate pieces with Fr.Anzia's new logotype. "

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