Lekina Plum Brandy & Grappa

by First name Last name on 01/19/2011 | 1 Minute Read


"We designed packaging for a boutique distilled spirits range. We wanted to create a very personal and intimate story via photos and text for the range, as well as making it feel like a passport or an old postcard to represent the European migrant origins of the recipes and the people who make the brandy.

Images are of a husband and wife, the product name and the accompanying text tell a humorous story of their life and love."

"The Grappa is called Lekina Muka (Leko’s Torment) with photos of the wife and the Plum Brandy is called Lekina Medicina (Leko’s Medicine) with the photos of the husband. She is his torment and he needs medicine to cure it."

Designed by Australia based The Grain.



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