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Velo Coffee Roasters

by Salih Kucukaga on 01/12/2011 | 2 Minute Read

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 "Velo Coffee Roasters is a locally-owned and operated micro-roaster. We specialize in small-batch, specialty roasts, and we’re committed to bring sustainably produced and distributed coffee to our neighbors."

"Velo" is French for “bicycle”, and that’s our principal method for delivering hand-roasted beans. We believe all businesses should operate with low-impact techniques, from start to finish. We hit the streets daily on bikes, but we also support Chattanooga’s farmers markets, and participate in them weekly. What’s more, our products are available at businesses that share our commitment to the future."

"We’re a resource for neighbors, too, as you’ll find on this site. Short of being an encyclopedic reference on brewing techniques, we believe everyone can enjoy a really good cup of coffee at home, and we’re here to help. 

We know Chattanooga and love to see it grow. Founder Andrew Gage has experience as a coffee roaster and barista locally, and understands the industry at large as well as the local market and its distinct needs."

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