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Chambord introduces the first package change in nearly three decades and launches Chambord Flavored Vodka. The new packaging reflects the brand heritage. with a contemporary evolution.


"With innovation top of mind, Chambord Liqueur has updated its package for the first time in nearly three decades, an evolution expressing a modern look and enhanced, versatile usability. Regal and steeped in French heritage, the new bottle design for Chambord Liqueur emulates the quality of the spirit inside while paying close attention to improve every detail.


'The driving force behind the design was to ensure the bottle appeals to contemporary Chambord drinkers,” said Hayes. “Changes to the Chambord Liqueur bottle are a reflection of those who enjoy Chambord – modern, fashionable and charismatic.'

As the spirit inside the bottle remains the same, changes to the newly designed bottle tell the story of Chambord’s rich history while creating a luxurious but effortless experience for those who enjoy Chambord cocktails. The crown is indicative of Chambord’s royal beginnings and Chambord’s detailed lattice patterns adorn the label and crown. The brand name is boldly displayed and is instantly readable and immediately identifiable.  The new bottle offers simpler, cleaner pours and the neck and cap have been redesigned to improve usability while cleaner, clearer and lighter weight glass showcases the brand’s deep, natural color.

Chambord Liqueur continues to use the world’s finest blackberries, raspberries, flavors of vanilla and XO Cognac to craft the luxurious raspberry spirit that enhances cocktail and culinary experiences.

For the first time ever, the Chambord brand is stepping outside of the liqueur category and introducing a product that has been called ‘revolutionary’ and ‘groundbreaking’ in the spirits industry. Chambord Flavored Vodka is a leader in the industry as it draws from Chambord Liqueur’s expertise in the black raspberry flavor segment as a liqueur, to create a Chambord infused vodka of equal quality and versatility.

Using a delicate process with the finest ingredients, Chambord Flavored Vodka produces an unparalleled taste experience captured in the brand’s innovative new package. Chambord Flavored Vodka is a balance of premium quality French vodka and Chambord Liqueur’s trademark natural black raspberry flavor."


Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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