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Before & After: Textual

by First name Last name on 08/05/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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"Preserving the innovative nature of these wines, the new label shows the meaning of the word “Textual” while it reinforces the word itself with an elegant calligraphy. It has a Premium appearance, achieving great personality through the name and its meaning."

"Textual Caladoc 2008 is the fourth harvest of this exclusive wine, which expresses the quality and innovation spirit that characterizes Bodega Zuccardi. The product name “Textual” came up from a particular story: In 2003, the winery organized a meeting with a group of wine and gastronomy journalists who were invited to harvest Marselan grapes with their own hands, and to name the brand for those grapes wine. That´s where the brand name for this top line wines, the most innovative of all Argentinean wines, came from.


Paper: estate 8 

Offset ink, debossing, transparent foil stamp

Agency: YG | Yanez Gioia Design

Designer team: Mariano Gioia, Sebastián Yáñez, Laura Ríos

Calligraphy: Mariano Gioia

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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