Kanon Organic Vodka

by Ivan Navarro on 08/17/2010 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph"With a strong history dating back to 1580, Kanon Organic Vodka, an eco-friendly Swedish spirit, launches in NYC. The Gripsholm Distillery, has been producing organic vodka for over 400 years and instills old world value and tradition for the brand, while staying true to their roots, Kanon Organic Vodka prides themselves on taste, sophistication and social awareness."  More after the jump!


"Kanon Organic Vodka is distilled from locally grown organic wheat in a continuous process without the use of environmentally harmful or genetically modified additives. While many brands believe that redistilling creates better vodka, Kanon’s unique organic process enables such purity that multiple distilling or charcoal filtering is not needed. The mix with fresh spring water delivers unique and distinctive finesse with natural flavor without the typical vodka burn; a trait found in no other vodka today. With an updated and modern packaging design, Kanon’s exterior aesthetic will match the organic spirit’s sleek and understated flavors. Likewise, Kanon is in keeping with an eco-friendly theme inside and out, as the glass bottle is made out of more than 60% recycled glass and the entire package is recyclable. Even the distillery is run on wind and waterpower and all by-products are renewed.

'The US vodka industry has failed to address that within the next five years, Gen Y will account for a quarter of the population,' says Stefanie Marco, US Director of Marketing and Mixology for Gripsholm Distillery. 'They are the Internet Generation, whose ideals and expectations are more honest and refined than their Gen X predecessors. Kanon is a super-premium-quality vodka by virtue of the product itself, rather than of driven-up price-points and false promises of access to a '"models-and-bottles"’ lifestyle.'

Kanon Organic Vodka is currently available in New York at Morgan’s Hotel Group and will be expanding distribution and launching in Los Angeles in January 2011."

Editorial photograph


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