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"Gabbani is the oldest delicatessen in the swiss italian part (since 1937). It is an old family business that survived and flourished until become the reference for the best in the state of art of food. 30 People are working to serve the best as possible to their costumers." 

For Gabbani we have created the new identity and few promotional campaigns.

The idea behind the project is create a new fashionable and bold identity that stands out from the new competitor in the market. Visually the references are from the flavosr of the 30ies with a mix of several typographies and the use of the black&white Optical-Art, typical of the 60ies.

The new line of packaging take is references from some elements of the Optical-Art movement as well than the italian popular culture (Pulcinella). The black and white approach make the all family outstanding from the colorful and flashy bag used by the competitors. The vibration of the lines give us a notion of hidden colors and movement.

A great restaurant has a good menu, and a good menu deserves a great card. So that we have designed a family of cards for every needs. The client can change the content daily and update the menu. All the cards are made by hand in Switzerland by a binder who holds the ancient techniques. The choice of materials and print techniques are carefully selected to give a unique experience."

Project: New identity and packaging

Client: Gabbani

Where: Lugano - Switzerland

Art direction design: Demian Conrad

Photo: Olivier Lovey, Sylvain Meltz


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph


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