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Before & After: Give Water

by First name Last name on 08/12/2010 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"Give Water has launched new packaging that pushes the product’s charitable mission to the forefront. PurBlu Beverages, GIVE’s parent company, partnered with Little Big Brands to amplify the brand’s voice.

GIVE Water is a fast-growing beverage brand on a mission. Consumers can choose from four varieties of GIVE: GIVE Hope, to women with breast cancer; GIVE Love, to protect our environment; Give Strength, to fight muscular disorders; GIVE Life, to children in need. Each bottle sold puts 10 cents in the pocket of a local charity focused on one of the four causes."

"The redesign took all the current elements and built upon what was already there. The droplet holding shape remains but is no longer a solid color, which cued flavor. Instead it is filled with iconography that represents each cause. Typography, including the GIVE logo, was addressed to give the brand more personality and a genuine, approachable feel. Packaging copy was updated and now strikes a more emotional chord with the consumer.

An environmental message remains prominent on the backside of the label, as sustainability is also a core value of the brand. GIVE water is the first and only brand to use an oxo-biodegradable bottle in North America. These bottles are 100% recyclable and return to the earth in 10 years."

“We have a lot of heart for this brand,” said John Nunziato, creative director, Little Big Brands. “Whenever we, as package designers, get the chance to work on products that aspire to change the world, that’s a good day.”

Little Big specializes in strategic brand design, and is a leader in environmentally- responsible packaging. Dive on in to Little Big at http://www.littlebigbrands.com

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