Student Spotlight: Aaron Ricchio

by First name Last name on 07/27/2010 | 3 Minute Read

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Aaron Ricchio is a recent graduate of Pratt Institute's "Communication Design: Graphic Design" program. Check out four of his projects below.

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"CalBen Soap Company is an earth friendly, family run business that has been around since 1947. They produce and distribute their five star pure soaps to consumers around the world. CalBen strives to show everyday individuals how cleaning products made from all natural materials can do the same work as those created from harsh chemicals. With a great product and message CalBen has been progressing forward for decades, however their appearance hasn’t transitioned. The goal was to bring this family run business into the present, while still maintaining sense of company longevity, history and quality. A full identity ranging from logos and typography, and product packaging to the cardboard box that leaves the warehouse was generated to transform the company."

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"We are not a water company, simple as that; we are producers of sea salt and our biproduct is clean, clear pure water. 100% water is gained, rather than just produced, when desalination extracts sea salt from the ocean. So what do you do with a ton of extra drinkable water? Well, we don’t like bottled water because it’s one of the most wasteful products and processes on the planet. So we decided to change in a pretty revolutionary way; we give our water away for free to developing areas that actually need the resource. If you somehow purchased this bottle, it better have been for an extremely low price, which will go back towards helping the world that lacks clean water."

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"As Americans we all know and are used to the stigma associated with lower end recreational drugs, such as marijuana and hash. Most of the time users of these drugs and their supporters don’t help their situation due to a lack of professionalism. I wanted to create a brand based around non high-end drugs. The goal was to show something that has never had a large attention to detail on the identity level. I wanted people to be intrigued and on closer examination realize what they were being sold."

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"The goal was to think of an authentic brand and discover what product or service it was lacking. Wonder Bread has been a staple of Americana throughout the recent decades. They have prided themselves on providing consumers with bread infused with seven essential vitamins and minerals. Taking this idea of personal health into account, the concept of drawing the vitamins out of the bread and into their own form leaves the consumer feeling more optimistic about the product. Wonder Daily starts with the base elements of both the brand and nutrition, while communicating the spirit of an iconic identity."

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