Whole Foods Rebranded Packaging

by First name Last name on 07/23/2010 | 1 Minute Read

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"Whole Foods Market’s Market brand packaging has received the Duffy & Partners treatment, with revamped packaging, designed by the branding and advertising agency that will unify different designs found throughout different markets."

"The Duffy & Partners-designed packaging for items such as deli containers and bakery boxes introduce a universal packaging program that still celebrates the different regions and their unique local offerings, while also supporting the mission of a national brand.  The Duffy & Partners re-design includes the classic Whole Foods Market logo, and adds splashes of natural sage greens, berry reds, marigold oranges and oregano hues, depending on the product.  A unifying stylized leaf motif is found across all packaging.


Duffy & Partners has revitalized the Whole Foods brand packaging with style and passion unlike any other design firm.  The packaging and design created by Duffy & Partners now has a universal design and feel while still promoting the regional fare known to individual Whole Foods Markets."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph


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