Love & Toast by Margot Elena

by Yael Miller on 06/08/2010 | 3 Minute Read

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Multi-talented "brand author" Margot Elena is the mastermind behind high concept bath and beauty brands Lollia, TokyoMilk, Bloom, Archive and her latest - Love & Toast.

Lauded for her "no detail overlooked" approach to the creative process, Margot Elena is known for her uncanny ability to develop beautifully designed and commercially successful brands from concept to market.  Her collections are brought to life through the luxuriously sophisticated packaging she designs; the superior formulations she develops, and the full of life personalities she specifically crafts for each of her beloved brands.  Margot Elena designs every product to have a distinct something extra to make it that much more personal and intriguing whether it's Lollia's hanging cut glass crystals, TokyoMilk's collectable, "Little Art," compositions of vivid imagery and dreamlike ephemera collages, or frosted Perfume vials with Love & Toast iconography. 

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Love & Toast is a naturals line which had its premiere at Urban Outfitters.  Conceptually, Margot Elena was envisioning a loose creative vibe with Love & Toast, what she refers to as “Brit Pop Folk Art.”  Drawing influences from Japanese design, Love & Toast also has a Swedish feel about it with its bright colors and simple iconography and many will also notice a nod to the ‘80’s.  Wanting the first items to feel loose, bright, spontaneous and very “now,” future packaging will move forward with what is “pop” at the moment. 

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Always one to incorporate little surprises in the designs of each of her brands, Margot Elena's signature attention to endearing detail was fully in force with examples like die cut and embossed 'love' (hearts) and 'toast' throughout the packaging and inserts celebrating "totally righteous women role models of the '80's trivia." 

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Margot Elena took it a step further with Love & Toast by deliberately choosing environmentally friendly packaging to convey her commitment to the natural ingredient deck she worked so many years to perfect.  Almost all of the Love & Toast packaging is recyclable, and the paperboard is made from annually renewable and sustainable resources.  Margot Elena chose to use vegetable ink because it has proven to be most kind to our eco system as it is derived from a wide variety of sustainable crops.

When compared with the aesthetics of Lollia and TokyoMilk, many are surprised to learn that the same woman has created all three lines, a true testament to Margot Elena's versatility and acumen at designing with a specific audience in mind. 

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