Slather Brand Slatherin' Sauce

by Ivan Navarro on 06/28/2010 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photograph The folks over at Tastes Like Design created these vintage inspired slathering sauces.  More below.  

"Robin Rhea began Slather Brand Foods to provide delicious, all-natural food products based on recipes handed down from her mother and grandmother. Slatherin' Sauce is a sweet, sticky and slightly spicy tomato-based sauce with chunks of pineapple, gobs of honey and a dash of crushed red pepper. When we began concepting the project, it was clear that Slatherin' Sauce was delicious on just about anything. But it really makes an impact on staple foods that don't have much inherent flavor such as chicken, meatballs, ribs, fish and tofu. Based on that and the generational nature of the recipe, we positioned Slatherin' Sauce as "The Cure for Boring Food" and designed the bottle to reflect a vintage, almost apothecary quality. In a few short months, Slather Brand Foods has expanded the line to include numerous sizes and an extra spicy version of the original."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph   

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