Oi Sofa Packaging

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Yes you read that right, sofa packaging. The Oi sofa is a modular sofa that ships in a cardboard box. More info, images, and animation, after the jump.

Designed by Cocoon Branding, Creative Director: Chuck Phillips:

Industry Setting

Sofas and other seating arrangements are sold and shipped usually in one piece. This carries a high cost to ship and move most pieces not to mention the environmental impact of shipping large heavy single units. The Oi seating pods are created to approximately three times the amount of seating than traditional sofas. These modular pods can create an infinite amount of configurations by adding pods together. They are also able to be moved by one person, easily passing through doorways and around corners.


Oi needed a container that reflected the quirky style of the product. The package had to be simple and give the buyer a sense that this is no ordinary piece of furniture.


The name Oi is way to say “hello” in many languages. Since the Oi can be in a new location, or in a different configuration every time you see it, it’s as if you are meeting it for the first time. Their packaging needed an "ice breaker" to help get to know the product.


The packaging was created with the intention that the product has all the attitude. The “talking sofa” gives you quirky messages as you interact with the packaging. These messages were also designed to emphasize the key product benefits."

Editorial photograph 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph 

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