Dieline360: Fenom Modern Absinthe

by First name Last name on 05/20/2010 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph 

Fenom is a brand new "Modern Absinthe", with stunning mirrored packaging. Take a look at more photos of the bottle, and a Dieline360 view, below.





Designed by NY based Studio Dror:

"fenom (from phenomenon) is the first modern absinthe delicately refined to surpass twenty-first century taste-makers’ desires. Smooth and lightly aromatic, fenom is authentically hand crafted from traditional herbs including grand wormwood by one of France’s few remaining absinthe experts. 

Dror Benshetrit explains:  “A mirror has many unusual properties that, when applied to the standard shape of a bottle, give an individual the unique ability to interact with it. In a larger atmosphere, the bottle can capture the image of the entire party from its distant spot on the shelf. 

The f also plays with the traditional curves of the bottle. From one angle it is seen as the letter f, but when turned 90 degrees it appears only as a straight, sharp line. This encourages people to spin the bottle, allowing both the f and the mirror to transform, and providing a playful yet intimate connection between the observer and the bottle.” 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph 


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