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Modular Fast Food Packaging

by First name Last name on 05/13/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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An innovative to-go packaging design out of cardboard that is not glued, and leakproof, and modular. Check it out below.

Designed by Istragrafika

"A family of packaging solutions for fast food, which includes a separate take&go“ french fries holders with sauce cups, as well as multifunctional takeaway meal boxes with added containers for salads and/or desserts. As mentioned, it is a non glued folding packaging, manually assembled with innovative patent witch does not allow leakage of fluid out of the box. And all this from the eco friendly cardboard with a minimum contribution of polyethylene coating for direct contact with food.

Idea: The idea was to create a modular system of takeaway meal boxes with the help of clip-on containers as attachments. Since the symmetric form of initial box, additional container can apply to both sides, depending on consumer wishes. The highlights of this system is transformation from takeaway box to a food tray for consumption. 

Goal: Packaging adaptive to customer needs in fast food industry. Depending on the customer wishes, modular system meets a large number of combinations, achieving maximum usability of packaging such as takeaway box transformation into a food tray for consumption, and all this with style, where both are effective alternatives. 

With the help of an intelligent set of perforation, customer becomes the packaging creator anywhere and any time."

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph  

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