Before & After: Mr. Singh's Chilli Sauce

by First name Last name on 05/12/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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The highly successful redesign of Mr. Singh's Chilli Sauce by Pearlfisher, was featured on a BBC program this week. Read about the design, and take a look at the new, and old after the jump.

Last night Pearlfisher starred in the real life rags to riches, or corner shop to major multiple story of the now famous Mr Singh's Chilli Sauce. ..

In the first episode of the BBC series titled, 'High Street Dreams', (10th May) Pearlfisher's Creative Partner Jonathan Ford and his award-winning design team lead the successful rebrand of Mr Singh’s chilli sauce range, which was founded in 2008 by an East London family. Pearlfisher worked with the family to transform the sauce, whose original on-pack graphics were created by the father of the brand’s co-founder Kuldip Singh Sahota, into a supermarket contender.

Ford comments, "Working with Kuldip and the rest of the family was a real pleasure - they were passionate about design and understood the principles and challenges that are unique to smaller brands trying to make it in a broader retail context. We felt that our experience working with retailers from Tesco and Waitrose in the UK and Woolworths in South Africa gave us a unique insight into what the Mr Singh's brand needed to do in order to stand out in such a competitive environment and be noticed. Even to get initial listings!  We're excited for Mr Singh's and confident of another Design Effectiveness award success*." 

Each show in the series has a design and brand team of the very highest calibre. For the rebrand of Mr Singh's, Pearlfisher's 17 years of international expertise as one of the world's leading brand design agencies was complemented by the inspirational Jo Malone, Loyd Grossman and Nick Leslau. The series is set to run for three more weeks.

 Editorial photograph    

Editorial photograph


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