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Student Spotlight: Juan Federico Rojas Frozen Meals

by First name Last name on 04/22/2010 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph  

Editorial photograph

Love the beautiful photography and simple clean design on this project from Carolina Vargas, a Graphic Design Student at IDEP in Barcelona, Spain:

"This project is about a set of frozen meals made by a young chef, Juan Federico Rojas. This chef specializes in exotic and fusion flavors by mixing latin and mediterranean cuisine. His dishes are known for the sauces and dressings he adds as a final touch to his plates. The idea of the packaging was to show in a very clean and fresh way the fusion of the dressing with the dish itself and how this final touch gives the dish its final look. The elements in the dish were reduced to no more than four colors or ingredients, making the pack look minimal and bright. The photograph was taken from a perspective where the dish can be appreciated as a whole, leaving white space around it. The pack is accompanied by a sober and elegant typographic style that unify the brand. There are four different dishes, a mustard and jam jar. All of them accentuate the fusion of different flavors. "

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Editorial photograph Editorial photograph