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Student Spotlight: Tesco Sustainable

by First name Last name on 04/19/2010 | 1 Minute Read

 Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

New work from Chris Cavill, a design student from Somerset College, Somerset, England:

"The brief is to re-design and create innovative and sustainable packaging, using existing instore products from Tesco.

I chose the category 'soups' and focused on creating sustainable packaging, encouraging the consumer to reuse the container. 

I created a separate sub-brand to add to Tesco’s existing ranges; ‘Tesco Sustainable’. As you can see, the typography displays a very distressed typeface to resemble the recycled aspect. It also incorporates Tesco's branded strokes to unify the concept and to symbolise a cycle. 

The lid and inner lining of the container communicate to the consumer. As the soup level lowers it reveals messages influencing the consumer to reuse the packaging around the household. (Need a new sandwich container? Use me! etc.) 

I felt the containers were more likely to be reused if they looked appealing to the consumer.  I created illustrations of the soup contents and worked them together with the typography."