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The Dieline Awards: Second Place - Wine, Beer, & Tobacco - Amstel Pulse

by First name Last name on 04/14/2010 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Entrant: VBAT

Country: Netherlands



The bottle profile developed is elegant, tall and transparent. Slim, light and yet still beer like. The bottle shape is spear shaped. Thrusting upwards. The shoulder is pronounced and distinctive. The bottle ‘in hand’ is easy and light.

There is little graphic clutter on the bottle. The Amstel brand is simplified to its original circular device. A subtle 3D button effect modernises this iconic Amstel logo. The relatively small size of the new logo makes the new bottle feel special.

A ripple device surrounds the logo representing the brand character. Outgoing, self assured and magnetic. It is not composed of standard and traditional beer codes. The addition of Amstel in a bold almost architectural letter type contrasts nicely with the refined logo size.

The neck label is clean. The silver background (signal colour of this Amstel product) together with red (Amstel’s colour in its main markets) project a fresh and modern character. Not baroque design, just simple and balanced. The pull top differentiates the pack from all the standard ‘crown top’ competition."

Marketing Objectives:


"The product developed to attract new beer drinkers taps into the international consumer trends towards a growing appreciation for more accessible beer tastes and an increased focus on health awareness and well-being. New, Premium Quality Amstel Lager provides the same alcoholic ‘kick’ as a standard beer (4.7% ABV). It is easy to drink, not bitter and not heavy. As a bonus it contains fewer calories and fewer carbohydrates.

Amstel wanted to create a pack that felt different to standard beers. Something contemporary. Something new. Nothing less than an icon."

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Editorial photograph  Editorial photograph