The Dieline Awards: Second Place - Spirits - Double Cross Vodka

by First name Last name on 04/15/2010 | 2 Minute Read

 Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph Entrant: Capsule


Country: USA


Old Nassau Imports was looking for a firm to create a bottle design which would match the price point of this premium spirit. Through research and strategy, it was determined that the package needed to delicately blend the rich heritage of the country from which the vodka came with a modern, simple and pure aesthetic reflecting the quality product it contained.

The strikingly simple form of the bottle provides a perfect canvas for small touches of rich detail, including hand lettered Slovakian poems, the Slovakian crest, and the logo for Double Cross which is a modern take on the Slovakian crest. The finished bottle matches the quality of the product inside, and elevates the full package atop a crowded category in the spirits industry.


Double Cross Luxury Vodka is Slovakian heritage imported in a modern bottle. This bottle design started with a blank canvas and a proud country full of heritage to represent. The design needed to move into a crowded room, and get the glance of any bartender or patron. Simultaneously working on bottle shape to ensure cohesiveness, the team married opulence with history and energy with extravagance. The design challenge was to create a unique vodka experience from a country with plenty of heritage to be boastful. 

Primary audiences considered were consumers and bartenders. The bottle shape and pour were designed for the most proficient and efficient in the profession. The shape, graphics, cap and pour were designed to convey the value this country of origin places on the contents. For the consumer, the bottle details, shape and entire experience created beauty worth noticing from across the room. The final bottle design takes its place on the shelf with all the confidence of a major new player in the spirits industry.

The final result is the first rectangular bottle in the vodka category with a design that blends yesterday with tomorrow. The bottle becomes the brand and the brand becomes the bottle.


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