Featured image for The Dieline Awards: Second Place - Bath & Beauty, Health & Personal - Snowberry

The Dieline Awards: Second Place - Bath & Beauty, Health & Personal - Snowberry

by First name Last name on 04/15/2010 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Entrant: Interbrand

Country: New Zealand


What began as an idea is now a highly respected international business thanks to a wonderful and sometimes challenging partnership between an entrepreneur, business women, bio-chemist and Interbrand. The brand Snowberry is one of the ‘hottest’ newcomers on the international market with approaches by hopeful distributors on a daily basis. Interbrand has contributed to growing a product with huge potential, into a beautiful reality for its founder, while maintaining its core messaging and beliefs. All the while keeping an eye on the commercial reality and goals of the brand.

Marketing Objectives:


Interbrand was approached by businesswoman and bio chemist, Soraya Hendesi, who had developed a natural cosmeceutical product that was highly effective in reducing the signs of aging. Interbrand’s challenge was to define the potential of the product and advise the start-up company on all aspects of developing the business and getting the product to market.

Interbrand conducted a worldwide market intelligence report on cosmeceuticals, cosmetics, nature skincare products and luxury products. Interbrand concluded that there was an opportunity to position a brand in cosmetics, but positioned as younger, more aspirational and most importantly in ‘new luxury’.This distinctive positioning meant we needed to create a strong visual identity that captured an authentic narrative, and effectively added value to the name ‘Snowberry,’ which in itself is intended to instantly convey the core ideas of purity, freshness, innocence and enchantment.

For this purpose, Interbrand commissioned London artist Rob Ryan to create the unique artwork that is Snowberry’s visual and verbal signature. It is multi-layered and telling stories within stories that reflect the Snowberry philosophy. It is bright and whimsical and is suggestive of a world of ‘wonderment’ evident in the physical packaging, POS displays, and marketing material and all communications. Different parts of the illustration have been used on the different products throughout the range to make product differentiation of ease and provide a fluid, unexpected nature to the packaging. The use of matt laminate and gloss finishes give the range a sense of sophistication and style. As well as the core range of products and retail bags we designed magnificent New Zealand Kauri display boxes to hold the collection.

For a start-up, Snowberry has quickly gained the attention of distributors and media. The brand launched in Germany in November 2007 and the team selected this market because of its long-established consumer interest in environmentally sustainable products. Now, after just two years, Snowberry is represented in more than 30 of the finest perfumeries and department stores, and is opening at a rate of 3-4 new perfumeries a month. The rapidly growing retail footprint targets approximately 150 perfumeries before the end of 2012 with expansion also confirmed into Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong and the UK.

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 Editorial photograph


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