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Ecological Take Away Packaging

by First name Last name on 03/08/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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Using banana leaves as a new material to create new ecological packagesfor take away. Banana leaves are a product which exists in many regionsaround the world. This material has a wax-like surface which is idealfor wet and greasy foods. It is flexible and therefore can be adapted tomany types of packaging. The leaves last long after they are cut off thetrees. The packages are cut to form using die cutting technology. Noglue is used. The unique qualities of this material allow packages tobe opened simply by tearing the banana leaf along its naturalperforation. 

Today the majority of disposable goods are wrapped inman-made, often petro-based materials that usually last far longer thanthe items they protect. With many companies spending millions onR&D searching for more sustainable alternatives, an Israelidesigner named Tal Marco has taken a decidedly low-tech and refreshingapproach to package design with his use of natural banana leaves. 

Banana leaves are highly flexible, easy to open and have a naturallywaxy surface that is ideal for food applications. Although not acompletely novel idea, Marco's design uses die-cut leaves that can befolded into numerous forms and lend themselves well to many retailapplications. His design was showcased in Designboom's "Dining in 2015"design competition and the concept puts many of the most"environmentally friendly" packages on the market today to shame.