Featured image for Nawgan


by First name Last name on 03/29/2010 | 1 Minute Read

 Editorial photograph  "Overall we designed the packaging to appeal to a broad adult audience (younger adults and older adults).  We also worked to find the right balance between casual and medicinal. 

The brand name Nawgan is a double entendre, representing a play on "noggin" for brain as well as an amalgmation of my son's first names Dawson and Logan. 

The brain maze logo is a true maze and this is relevant because in clinic we administer mazes to patients to test their decision making, behavioral regulation, and planning skills.  Those skills are mediated by a specific area in the brain and it happens to be the area that undergoes the most age related changes in adulthood. 

The blue can is noncaffeinated and the pink can is caffeinated." 

Designed by Propaganda, Inc.

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