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by First name Last name on 02/05/2010 | 1 Minute Read

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   Packaging concept by Russian agency, Kian:

"The KIAN brand agency took on the process of naming, formulating acreative brand conception, and creating the package shape. Soy milk“Soy mamelle” is a 100% vegetative product. It is a source of highgrade fiber and calcium, containing no cholesterol and a proven abilityto actually lower cholesterol levels in the human body.

The developed conception of the package shape resembled an udder,which presents the first half of the message in that soy milk isidentical to that of a cow. The second part of the message is deliveredvia the colour score and décor of the packaging, which concentrate onthe phytogenesis of the product, creating an image of nature and health.

The packaging is developed with two options, individual and familysize. The individual packaging is made out of glass, while the familysize option is made of a natural latex material. The legs of thepackaging are made of special valves and dose systems which allow thecontainer to fill multiple glasses simultaneously by gently squeezingit. In this case, the process of interacting with the packaging becomesmore alive and interesting. This finding has tremendous potential forimprovement of brand identity in POS-materials and nonstandardequipment trading."

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