Studio Spotlight: Dreamerworx

by First name Last name on 02/19/2010 | 2 Minute Read

Some nice projects designed by Stefan Vasilev of Sofia, Bulgaria based Dreamerworx:

Editorial photograph 

"The client wanted a very stylish retro-looking design, but with a modern appeal. So in the end it came down to a not so regular round shape, avoiding all the usuall bees, sunflower stuff."

Editorial photograph

"Beer for the hard working tough guy. With no doodles, gold platings, any insignificent items whatsoever. Tough as an army boot."

Two more projects after the jump.


Editorial photograph 

"The task was to create a very elegant and interesting label that would make this stand out on the shelf and attract people to grab it among all the other bottles around."

Editorial photograph

"The idea behind this very exclusive mineral water design is very very simple - everything went from defining the most perfect shape inall of nature - the perfect circle. It is so simple yet so difficult to master, even art students hold exams on just drawing a perfect circle by hand. So the idea was to use the most perfect natural shape in designing this exclusive mineral water bottle. It features a double-cap system with a plastic hood and a metal cap underneath for practical reasons, but not messing up the whole image of the design."


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