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by First name Last name on 02/16/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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"Moodmantra wine stemmed from a ten week period of self-led research on a social area of interest in the hopes that the end result would yield some sort of commercial or social utilitarian product. My research led to the combination of design and music therapy for students. The product developed into a four piece kit to help students achieve a certain “mood”, for example, if they needed to study, there was a kit entitled, “focus”, or, if the student wanted to calm down, there was a kit entitled “relax”.Each kit had the materials needed to achieve one of the four desired states, IQ, happiness, focus,  and relaxation. The kits also included a CD soundtrack for each mood.  I decided to expand this project the following quarter and turn it into a line of wines. The name “mantra” derives from the Hindu chant “aum” that is recited over and over again during meditation. I used Henna patterning and used symbols used in meditation cloths for the identity of moodmantra."

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Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph