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Packlab Partners Christmas Packaging

by Rachel Wiles on 12/28/2010 | 1 Minute Read

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"Kanniston Leipomo Bakery asked the help of Packlab Partners to redefine Scandinavian premium gingerbread for Christmas. The brief was to design packaging for simply the best Gingerbread cookies in Finland. Packlab Partners created a unique experience that exploited joined-up-thinking with integral product and packaging development. Packlab Partners looked into the stakeholders behaviour within the bakery, distribution chain, retail environments and explored Scandinavian seasonal home experiences. These observations lead to a marriage of old Scandinavian tradition of three pieces of gingerbread bringing good luck and heart-shaped pieces emphasising the affectionate characteristics of the season which were widely introduced both in the product. This was also communicated graphically through 5 different, yet similar variants of packaging."

"The packaging design enlightens the handmade image of the product as well as raising it to a premium category with minimal use of material. The structural packaging design enabled easy packing at the bakery, protection for the product and a unique functional opening system for the end users."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph