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Fifthrequisite Jeans

by Salih Kucukaga on 12/27/2010 | 4 Minute Read

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"Philosophy: Jeans are what we love, born from a strong passion and thirst of denim and thread. Inspiration, faith and trust in philosophy lead us to believe everyone who has a hunger for a pair of life, style and fashion from times to time in everyday life. Design comes from the passion of love that defines and glues all the gaps of life together."


"Fifthrequisite’s philosophy is to create a great pair of jeans that become a part of your life which are based on the 4 fundamentals of human life, making people stay true to the attitude of life and also, being all about their jeans."

Designed by Son King.

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Fifthrequisite has been born to fulfill the desire of human needs. After all, no matter what color, nationality, gender or religion, we all live to EAT, DRINK, SLEEP, and have SEX. We aim to show the power of denim which has been created with the finest quality, from thread to artisan. Our denim allows you to show your personality, and live your dreams - FIF 

Superior Finishing: Fifthrequisite was delicately made by great denim artisans with the combination of modern and traditional garment manufactures to achieve premium quality. Their finishing was made carefully, concentrating on detail such as adding bar-tack about 27 tacks all around the jeans, using chain stitch machines to create durability in order for them to last longer, controlling the same sewing space between stitches, and cautiously quality control checking the jeans before packaging. For these reasons, the production time is much longer and the cost is over 5 times higher than the normal rate in the market.

Superior Materials: Fifthrequisite jeans uses premium denim and suitable materials from Top-rank suppliers around the world to build their jeans.

Fabric: Their first collection used premium denim from a well-known denim factory in Japan which gives great fading results when aged. 

1. Midnight Selvage, 13.5oz raw Japanese red selvage, doubled twill in rich dark indigo. This had been created by American old vintage shuttle looms from WWII, which had been developed by Japanese and used to produce world original denim. This fabric is used for Romeo, a slim cut model which is quite hard to produce and this needs to spend the denim length more than twice as usual.

2. Grass Green Indigo, 10.5oz raw stretch denim made in Japan 98% cotton, 2% Elasthane to add comfort. This fabric uses for fifthrequisite's skinny fit called Giselle.

3. Vintage Japanese Linen has been used for their left pocket for their signature.

Button & Rivet: All Fifthrequisite’s buttons and rivets are made of Orichalcum metal which is used to produce ancient swords in Greek and Roman history. Orichalcum was called Gold Copper in the past and considered as second only to gold the strongest metal in the world. Their buttons and rivets are shining the first wear, and they will look more vintage after a period of time, with less brightness.

Leather Patch: The Fifthrequisite’s leather patch is in the indented circle form. It obviously looks cool from the back view which isn’t seen much in other jean brands. The patch was made from special genuine cow leather which will change its color through time and different environments. Therefore, it is called living leather.

Alumina Glove: The sanding glove is in each packaging of fifthrequiste jeans for the denim lover to create their own style. It’s made from fabric coated with corundum mineral. 

Packaging Material: The Fifthrequisite packaging is made of 100% recycled paper.

Size dimension: 26.6x29.6x5.6 CM Packaging size is calculated to fit perfectly to the jeans size and shipping weight.


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph