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New Johnnie Walker Gold Label: Serve Chilled

by Salih Kucukaga on 12/21/2010 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

The french design agency QSLD Paris designed a new Gold Label for Johnnie Walker: Serve Chilled.

Check it out below for more pictures and press release.

Freeze your bottle and put it into Johnnie Walker Ice Pillar. It will keep your bottle cold and will allow you to extend your chilled relishing.

"To make this new consumption ritual visually conveyed, we have symbolized gold confined into ice. The Ice Pillar keeps Gold Label bottles frozen." Denis Boudard says.

The inner box is inspired by frosted gold leaves and symbolizes Gold Label.

The outer box is transparent, it depicts the ice wrapping the item.

Composed of several parts, Johnnie Walker Gold Ice Pillar is covered by a metallic gold anodized ring. The logos are embossed out.

This ring repeats the slanting dynamics of Johnnie Walker Gold’s emblematic label. It makes the product and the brand immediately identifiable and is also used for closing the case.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph