Student Spotlight: Aron Fay

by First name Last name on 12/02/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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Aron Fay, a senior at the Maryland Institute College of Art sends in this clever project:

"The brief was to repackage an existing item, or create packaging for any client we chose. I chose to redesign of the Design Museum Shop's packaging. The entire system includes a new identity, packaging, and a catalog for the shop. The new identity was applied to the packaging which includes three different sized white corrugated cardboard boxes used for shipping, a black mailer, and black poly bags for shopping in store. The concept was to create a timeless system that would never go out of style, but also a system that was sustainable. I therefore created a system that allows for the cardboard boxes to be broken down to create a lamp, which also allows for the consumer to be engaged in the design process if they so choose. All of the cardboard from the box is utilized and repurposed when the lamp is created."

"The inside of the cardboard boxes are printed with a diagram on how to assemble the lamp. In a nut shell there is a square inside a square inside a square and so on, printed inside the package. In order to assemble the lamp you would first cut along these lines with a box cutter. After all the squares are cut out, you arrange the squares in a certain order that is explained inside the box and glue them one on top of one another. Add a light, and you have yourself a repurposed cardboard box lamp.

The packaging was all hand screen printed using gloss enamel ink to add a bit of dimensionality to the package."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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