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My Hashi Chopsticks

by Yael Miller on 11/30/2010 | 1 Minute Read

Editorial photographMy Hashi Chopsticks are a really nice reusable chopstick set the comes in equally-stylish packaging. A clear tube is capped with matching colored plugs. You can choose from seven colors.

As simple as this product is, what is striking is the attention to design and how that extends through the packaging as well. Would these chopsticks be as interesting in a blister pack? I suspect not. The reusable, well-designed packaging actually elevates the product's desirability. More importantly, it's a measure of  sustainable design: packaging that's reusable, beautiful and 100% functional.

I think this is the ideal that all packaging should strive for.

Designed by Idea International. Purchase at A + R Store.  Via Share Some Candy.

 Editorial photograph