Zig Zag Luxury Vibrators

by Salih Kucukaga on 11/17/2010 | 3 Minute Read

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UltraZone is a new brand in the sex toy industry distinguishing its approach by creating emotion through its packaging, which also reflects the character of the product itself. Each intimate item is designed for performance as well as elegance. Sophistication. Experience. Pleasure. Developing products and its corresponding packaging must stay true to this ideal.

Designed by Ideal

Zig Zag – created for the UltraZone brand – are two separate yet complimentary long vibrators that can bend in extreme ways. After bending Zig Zag to a desired angle, it will hold its shape making it customizable for any experience moving in every which way. 

Design Process

At Ideal International Group, each product is carefully considered from its shape and functionality to transform it into reality. The designer works closely together with the copywriter to develop the design concept and name of the product before committing to a final design. For Zig Zag, the movement and bendable quality of the vibrators inspired the name of the product and packaging design concept and shape. The vibrator can be bent in several angles and not just in one direction due to its longer than average length. The packaging design directly relates to the product from its two-dimensional graphic design to three-dimensional shape. Clean lines are twisted in a complex manner to emphasize the zig-zag movement. The shape of the packaging is also abstract taking advantage of the way that double-creasing can alter standard constructions to create unique contours.

Manufacturing ProcessCreating the Zig Zag packaging was extremely challenging using paper material. Heavy stock paper was not stiff enough to hold the shape of the contours. New Hip Lik Packaging Products Co., Ltd, the largest and most advanced PET box manufacturer in Asia, which was able to provide the best solution. Ideal worked with this PET company to develop the production and manufacturing process on a mass scale. The biggest challenge of constructing the packaging was aligning the graphic print with the double-crease technology and the tension of the creases, which required a special adhesive and gluing process. The double-creases on the packaging were so numerous, extra care had to be taken to ensure the design will not jam the machinery.

After several months of testing and cooperation, the PET packaging  produced stayed true to the original design and met the design challenges that Zig Zag presented. Although Ideal International Group designed the shape and concept of Zig Zag, the resulting 100% recyclable PET packaging would not have found the superb execution without the technology New Hip Lik provided.

The final result is deceivingly simple exuding an aura of sophistication and elegance to express the zig-zag concept that the Zig Zag vibrators possess.


Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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