Tequila 29 Two Nine

by First name Last name on 11/11/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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"In the Tequila market the artisanal, rustic, rural and old tequilas predominate and Tequila is much more than that. Tequila 29 Two Nine is a Blanco and Reposado tequila made of 100% pure Agave, in “Los Altos” Jalisco, born out of young Mexican Entrepreneurs passionate for Tequila, with the idea to produce a tequila with a better taste, quality and a different image. With Tequila 29 Two Nine we want to show the world the new face of a modern, cosmopolitan, elegant and youthful Mexico. We want to change the rules of the game."


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"Tequila 29 Two Nine Rosa (Pink) is our new tequila member. This tequila is very special because it is carefully produce. This tequila is unaged and has a color that has been taken from an insect called cochinilla that lives and eats from the agave plant and produces an organic colorant in this case used in Tequila 29 Two Nine. Also the aztecs and other prehispanic civilizations used this insect color to paint caves and crafts. Also we added organic agave nectar that makes the final taste a bit sweet. This makes Tequila 29 Two Nine Rosa one of a kind in the tequila industry. Following our idea of producing remarkable tequila and showing the modern side of Mexico."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph



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