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Black Fig Vodka

by Salih Kucukaga on 10/08/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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New work from Phillips Design Group


"Phillips Design Group has completed work on the recent launch of Black Fig Vodka, the only natural fig infused vodka in the world. Black Fig is produced locally in Boston from select wheat grain, naturally infused with Calimyrna figs, and bottled by hand in small batches. Phillips developed the Black Fig brand including naming, brand identity, packaging, launch strategy/materials and website."


"Black Fig Vodka is the brainchild of Randy Nason and Mitchell Maxwell; the two have been infusing figs and vodka at their restaurant Maxwells 148 in Natick, Mass. for several years. “People fall in love with the Black Fig—it’s a vodka that can be enjoyed as a cordial, in a mixed drink or as a martini, its very diverse,” says Nason. “Over the years people have been inquiring as to where they can purchase it. So we decided to bring it to the marketplace.” 

Messrs. Nason and Mitchell saw a void in the marketplace with no real infusion with respect to liquor and decided to challenge the notion that in order to sell, vodka must be clear. “Clear liquor results in 95% of alcohol being filtered, but filtering removes color, and flavor therefore stripping the product of its natural qualities,” says Mr. Nason.   

 “All the super premium vodkas have started to blur together and we know this customer is looking to serve something unique for special occasions. In our naming ideation, we looked at the product’s attributes its sensuality, its sophistication, and its price point. After considering a select group of names, we decided Black Fig represented the brand’s essence the best. It's the Black Tie for all events," says Steve Phillips, president of Phillips Design Group. “The packaging reflects this promise and features an elegant silver fig pendant on a black leather strap hanging from the neck, which adds texture to the package and enhances the entire experience.“

Phillips Design Group, is a Boston-based strategic brand development and design firm serving the consumer products, fashion, technology, legal and financial industries."


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