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Highland Park 50 Year Old

by First name Last name on 10/05/2010 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

An absolutely incredible design for Highland Park 50 Year Old. Wow! Details and many more images below.


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

“At a price breaking the £10,000 mark reflecting the super?premium nature of the product, the 50 year old combines the strong, award winning reputation of Highland Park with a unique and artistic artefact unlike anything ever seen in the single malt whisky industry.

“Furthermore this historic limited edition encapsulates Highland Park and its close connection with the land and seascape, wild elements, history and culture of Orkney.”

The bottle designer, Scottish born Maeve Gillies of MaeVona, said: “I genuinely love Highland Park, it’s a fabulous whisky and I’ve been going to Orkney since I was a child. I felt there was a real synergy between my own philosophy and that of Highland Park with its strong character, flavours and taste.

“This bottle design is my tribute to the incredible natural beauty of Orkney and Highland Park. The design and crafting was made to look and feel in tune with ancient artefacts that define Orkney and with every bottle being uniquely hand? finished, each is very personal and dear to my heart. I hope people enjoy it for a lifetime, and beyond.”

Highland Park 50 year old is presented in a hand?carved Scottish oak box with softened edges as though eroded by the Orcadian elements. Each has its individual characteristics and detailing along with a Sterling silver porthole through which one can view the Highland Park bottle and on its front the single piece of Orkney sandstone and the hand?carved amulette."