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Custom Milk-Carton Action Figure Packaging

by Salih Kucukaga on 10/26/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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"My name is Brennan Gilbert and I recently designed, conceptualized and built custom packaging for a custom action figure, an elaborate gift. My twin brother had earned a full-ride scholarship, and since I couldn't remember when (or ever) I'd gotten him a gift before, so I decided to get him something. I decided to order him an action figure - of himself - because I thought it was funny. Soon afterward, I realized that I couldn't just wrap it in a typical gift box, so after days of searching for pre-made options, I had no other choice than to design and build a custom package myself."

Designed by Brennan Gilbert

Having to print and build this myself, I had to design something that:

1. Fit a common, affordable paper size (I aimed for 11x17")

2. Was sturdy enough to hold & protect a reasonably heavy 12" action figure

3. Was portable and easy to open & close

4. And was simple enough to build in 3 days (I had procrastinated)

My first thought was a traditional box shape. I knew a wanted an "action-packed" design style, and in my mind, cool action figure packaging was often a traditional, 6-sided rectangular box.

Now, because the action figure was 12" tall and I was aiming to fit the design on an 11x17" sheet, this traditional rectangular box was slightly too tall. I'd already considered doing a milk carton shape simply because I love the look of that shape and feel it's very fitting for "fun" stuff like candy, so why not for an action figure? I measured this box design, and found it would fit comfortably onto 2 11x17" sheets of paper. I added foam inserts to protect the figure inside the carton and topped it off with a magnetic closure, no tearing required."

Read more on Brennan's Behance page.

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