Fresh & Easy Plantain Crisps

by Ivan Navarro on 10/21/2010 | 2 Minute Read

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"Tesco’s US chain Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market is introducing a new item, Deliciously Crunchy Plantain Crisps, proudly designed by the International Design Consultancy P&W. In Southwest regions of the world, plantains are a staple and are treated much like a potato, making this lightly salted crisp a great alternative to the ordinary potato chip."

Containing only three ingredients, Plantains, Sunflower Oil and Salt, this simple snack is free of artificial ingredients, unlike the leading chip brands. And to promote these Fresh & Easy brand values, we like to emphasize the “no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors” message through a clean honest design solution. The hand-painted playful typography and exotic shades of green applied to a wood-textured background helped us to achieve a design suggestive of a tropical fruit stand. Offering this unique product in an appropriately skinny bag will hopefully peak the interest of consumers, and secure it’s spot as a highly marketable item.


'The unusual nature of plantain crisps required a novel design treatment that would differentiate it from more conventional snacking products, while giving strong provenance cues. We were really pleased with the solution, which is simple, original and eye catching. The structure of the design offers plenty of scope for range extensions if it is decided to expand into flavored SKUs'."

Editorial photograph


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