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by Salih Kucukaga on 10/14/2010 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Lovely design from Interband Brazil

"After the great success of the brand éh!, Cristiana Arcangeli reached Interbrand again with a challenge: to create the first Brazilian brand that unites the pleasure of food, the health aspects from the vitamins and the technology of cosmetics, the ‘aliméticos’."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"As the concept of products that combine food and cosmetics was not known in Brazil, Interbrand had the mission to create a brand that understands and educates the consumer in order to bring to their life new routines and habits of health and beauty. To better understand the behavior of the new consumer, more conscious and careful about its choices, workshops were held with physicians, scientists, journalists and opinion leaders, culminating in a great learning that guided the entire project: the external beauty is the result of a good nutrition that has quality and is enjoyable.

A major market research with the collaboration of Interbrand offices in Japan, Paris, London and New York was also extremely important to identify which products were most significant to the lifestyle of the Brazilian, and also helped defining how the products should be presented.

The construction of this strategic brand work began by defining the line up of products and the creation of the brand name Beauty’in. The second step was to develop all shapes of bottles and lids, followed by the creation of the brand identity and the labels. Beauty Drink and Beauty Candy: choosing names for easy association generates almost instant recognition of the product’s nature by its consumers. Labels texts illustrate everyday situations of consumption and indicate the functional benefit of each variant. - Calories, + health and beauty in every swig and every bite.

To match the performance of cosmetics with the pleasure of food, the visual identity represents the functionality of the products on the illustrations of the letter B, of beauty. Cells, ties, stylized waves and splashes come to life with color and shapes that suggest the essence of beauty. Simplified tables, step-by-step instructions and informative graphic interference teach the consumer to experience the ‘aliméticos’ in a quick and easy way.

A brand that is born big deserves a great launch event to match its height. Bringing together a team of top professionals from diverse fields, a great show of music and theater was attended by over 1500 people in São Paulo.

Beauty'in. The new brand that brings contemporary, practicality and a great innovation to the market. Because beauty, comes first from within."