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Studio Spotlight: Elhombredelalata

by Yael Miller on 09/23/2009 | 3 Minute Read

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Elhombredelalata studio features the work of Lluís Serra Pla. Most of his work is in the wine business. Since I thought the boxes rival the design of the wine labels, I thought I'd show you the boxes first and then see the wine labels on the bottles only afterward. Sorry for the tease - but I hope you'll enjoy it more this way!


Wine Sols (‘only’ in Catalan)

As the own name indicates, the Sols is a sweet wine of Garnatxa of limited production. Enumerated by hand as a ticket of entry or a participation, every bottle has a unique number of the sequence. Yellow straw, blue sky, salmon... the color of the paper changes to distinguish the different ‘milléssime’, as it has been done always with the tickets of the village festival. Client: La Vinyeta | Designer: Lluís Serra Pla

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Wine Llavors (‘then’ in Catalan)

Looking for a temporary link, the Llavors reflects his essence with a label that seems to be a piece of newspaper. The content is related to some moment of the life of the wine. A memorable event, a prominent article, or—as in that case that the year was so warm—a piece of the wheather forecast. In this way, using the memory, there is a temporary jump that links the personal experiences with those of the wine. (Laus award 2009 in packaging category.) Client: La Vinyeta | Designer: Lluís Serra Pla

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Wine Puntiapart (‘point and new paragraph’ in Catalan)

As the somelier Josep Roca defined it in the Magazine of La Vanguardia the last fourth of January «It seems to have little muscle, as a stylized runner, but its pure fiber is revealed by the stretching in the mouth of the cabernet, the smoothness of the merlot and the local counterpoint of the cariñena grapes. As if it was a zoetrope, the bottle turns and turns and shows a sequence that never ends (don't miss the animation after the jump!). As the wine that has warmed the oak tanks and in the bottle continues a long process, the bottle looks for the ideal point in which to give the maximum of itself. Client: La Vinyeta | Designer: Lluís Serra Pla

To see the wines themselves, continue reading.

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