Before & After: Kraft Natural Cheese (Updated!)

by Kristan Hoffman on 08/28/2009 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

(Big thanks to Steve at Spring Design Partners for providing The Dieline with this image!)

If you've walked through the refrigerated dairy section lately, you may have noticed the new packaging for Kraft Natural Cheese. My question is: Do you like it?

Editorial photograph  

(For in-store photos and comparisons, check out this post at Read at Joe's.)

Spring Design Partners explains a little bit more about the design:

Our Design Insight Research™ uncovered an opportunity to change consumer perceptions through the positive, nostalgic memories and “real” experiences consumers associate with the Kraft brand. By leveraging classic Kraft equities and showcasing fresh off the block natural cheese that is cared for by people, not machines, we rejuvenated a timeless brand.

We extended and adapted the design to approximately 150+ SKUs across 15 different cheese formats including chunks, crumbles, and snacking cheese to transform the entire brand experience.

My initial thoughts were that the new design is more modern and blocks well. In fact, while shopping I actually stopped and backed up my cart to look at the new packages -- the large bands of white had attracted my attention even though I was shopping for something else. I also like the use of photography.

But in terms of actual execution, I thought the print strategy should have included a double-hit of white to avoid being semi-transparent on the film. Also, the Kraft brand mark is rather small (yes, I am actually saying they could have made the brand bigger, you may all gasp in horror) but it does look better on white than it did on top of the flavor color. The blocky look is clean and contemporary, but lacks some personality.

So I'm torn. What side do you fall on, and why?

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